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Sieger Knife Sharpener Long Life from Sintered Ruby

Original price $119.50 - Original price $139.50
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$119.50 - $139.50
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Manufacturer Westmark Made in Germany

Sieger Knife Sharpener Long Life from Sintered Ruby

The Sieger-Long Life is made from ceramics. A densely sintered material without any binder, which contains the following properties due to the crystalline structure:

  • Outstanding surface finish
  • Excellent stability of profiles and edges
  • Great wear resistance
  • Extreme hardness (almost diamant-hard)
  • Sharp, even grinding pattern
  • Available in two lengths: 200 mm (7.9") and 280mm (11")
  • Manufacturer SKU: 1971 4460 / 1972 4460

Advantage: The Sieger-Long Life is superior to a common sharpening steel due to its universal utilisability and its endurance to be used for all European kinds of steel, but also for Asian blades. Specialities: The good-shaped handle and the security-brim prevent cut-injuries the plastic tip and the security-brim serve as elastic shock-absorbers.

Customer Reviews

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Emory Guo
Sieger knife sharpener is a good choice !

As I mentioned before the Knife sharpener is a great tool for my husband’s work, after use this sharper the knife going to be more sharp than before! Even something unhappy happens about the shipping, but still it’s a worthy to wait.