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Hario Mobile Mill Stick plus Comandante Adapter

by Hario
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Manufacturer Hario

Hario Mobile Mill Stick plus Comandante Adapter

Set of Hario Mill Stick and Comandante adapter for converting a manual coffee grinder into an automatic one. The new and specially designed adapter allows to connect the Hario Mobile Mill Stick to the Comandante C40 turning it to an electric, compact and portable grinder.

The best grinding quality now in a more comfortable and faster way, without losing the freedom to carry it everywhere. The USB rechargable stick with the very easy to assemble adapter allow a safe and easy grinding.

Archieving the great grit quality, uniformity and exact size only Comandante grinder offer by the simple press of a button. The perfect combination of quality and comfort at the best price.

The set is suitable for grind sizes for filter coffee and french press only. Not recommended for finer grind sizes below 20 clicks or 40 Redclix.

The set is compatible with the following coffee grinders:

  • Comandante C40 MK3 and MK4
  • Hario MSG-2T/TB
  • Hario MSS-1B/TB


    • The Comandante adapter connects Hario ref. EMS-1B to Comandante C40 MK3 or MK4.
    • Comandante adapter includes: plastic holder, silicon rubber sealing ring, hexagonal metal adapter.
    • Hario Mill Stick: USB rechargeable battery stick made in ABS resin, silicone rubber and steel.
    • Hario Mill Stick includes: Mill Stick, plastic holder for MSG-2T/TB, plastic holder for MSS-1B/MSS-1TB, pentagonal metal adapter for MSS-1B,
    • Note: This product itself does not have a grinder function. Use it in combination with one of the suitable grinders (not included, see list above).

    EAN Adapter (by BestBrew): 4260703450007
    EAN EMS-1B Mobile Mill Stick: 4977642708273

    Customer Reviews

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    Automated Comandante with Hario Mill Stick

    So glad to have found this Hario Mill Stick with its adaptor to automate Comandante Hand Grinder. No more sore arm with multiple cups of pour over coffee. Though reside in opposite of the globe @Malaysia, items were received within a week. Care taken on safe packaging and received the same. Highly recommended store.