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LUFFT Weather Pillar, Brass / Wood

by Lufft
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Manufacturer Lufft Made in Germany

LUFFT Weather Pillar - #2188-45

Weather columns with instruments for measuring air pressure, temperature, and humidity have been present in public spaces since the second half of the 19th century. They were witnesses of technological progress at that time and gathering places for amateur weather enthusiasts. In homes, however, weather measuring instruments that hang on the wall still dominate. It would be quite appropriate to use weather columns in the domestic environment as well: they don't require nailing into the wall, and they can be placed anywhere at any desired location.
Swabian instrument, reconstructed in Saxony.

To revive such a weather column for residential spaces – because they did exist –, the Fischer Feingeräte GmbH in the Erzgebirge recently decided. The Saxon company, which has been manufacturing mechanical weather measuring devices for more than 60 years and since 2012 also manufactures those of the Swabian traditional manufacturer Lufft under license, drew on historical Lufft catalogs from the 1950s for this purpose. The weather column offered here is a reproduction of a historical Lufft measuring instrument that Fischer literally reconstructed (the original plans no longer exist) and has been manufacturing since 2014 with authorization from Lufft.
Individual manufacturing. Made of brass, wood, and glass.

On a small footprint, the weather column combines four instruments: an aneroid barometer for measuring atmospheric air pressure, a bimetal thermometer for measuring air temperature, a hygrometer for measuring relative humidity, and a compass for determining wind direction. The base of the column is a wooden pedestal, on the underside of which some weather rules are listed. The precision mechanical measuring instruments sit on top of the pedestal, starting with the barometer with a rotating adjusting hand in a polished brass case. The hygrometer and thermometer are housed in the glass tube above, and the compass is embedded in the brass lid. The production of the weather column is carried out on an individual basis upon receipt of an order. It is assembled, adjusted, tested, and labeled with a serial number by hand. In Germany, you can only get the weather column at Loewen-Meta.

  • Field of use: indoors
  • Colour: 45 - brass
  • Material: Polished and clear-coated brass, stained and clear-coated black beech wood, glass.
  • Product type: barometer, compass, hygrometer, thermometer
  • Measuring accuracy barometer: ± 3 hPa (measurement range 740 to 780 Torr, equivalent to 27.56 to 29.13 inches of mercury)
  • Measuring accuracy hygrometer: ± 5% r.h., + 1 scale division  (measurement range 0 to 100%)
  • Measuring accuracy thermometer: ± 1 K, + 1 scale division (temperature range -18 to +58 °C, equivalent to 0.4 to 136.4 °F)
  • Diameter: 13 cm (5.12 inches), height: 19 cm (7.48 inches).
  •  Weight: 900 g (1.98 lbs).

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