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HORL 2 CRUISE Rolling Knife Sharpener 20°

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Made in Germany

HORL®2 CRUISE Rolling Knife Sharpener

With the Horl®2 rolling sharpener, the renowned Freiburg-based label Horl 1993 sets new standards in the world of rolling sharpeners. The second generation ensures consistently precise sharpening angles. The 20° angle is universally applicable, making it perfect for small office knives, folding pocket knives, as well as large kitchen knives.

Product Details:

  • Horl®2 CRUISE Rolling Sharpener with diamond standard grinding wheel and stainless steel honing wheel
  • Grit size: 46 μm
  • Sharpening guide with a 20° angle included
  • Suitable for all knife sizes
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Guaranteed to quickly sharpen knife blades
  • Minimal material removal, maximum precision
  • Fixed grinding and honing sides, non-replaceable
  • Delivered in a decorative box with instructions included
  • Made in Germany

Thanks to the strong neodymium magnet, the knives adhere firmly and automatically maintain the 20° sharpening angle. With one hand, you hold the anti-slip S-pad, while with the other hand, you roll the diamond grinding wheel along the blade. This results in minimal material removal. Subsequently, you deburr and sharpen the previously ground blade with the stainless steel honing side. The result: quick and durable sharpness.

The initial sharpening process might take a bit more time as your knives likely have a different sharpening angle. Do not give up, as you first need to grind in the 20° angle and smooth out any irregularities. Future sharpening will then be achieved with a few rolling movements and utmost precision.

Key Differences Between the Horl®2 CRUISE Version and the Standard Models Horl®2 and Horl®2 Pro:

The sharpening guide of the Horl®2 CRUISE version features a fixed angle of 20°, which is ideal for most types of knives. Instead of a ceramic honing disc, the CRUISE version is equipped with a stainless steel honing disc. Unlike the standard models, where the discs are interchangeable, this is not possible with the CRUISE version. The interchangeability of the discs is typically only required and utilized by professional users. This slightly reduced feature set results in a more affordable price, making the CRUISE version perfectly adequate for regular household use.

Manufacturer and owner of all trademark rights for the brand HORL:
Horl 1993 GmbH, Breisacher Straße 86, 79110 Freiburg, Germany

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