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Comandante Coffee Grinder

Comandante Coffee Grinder

There is no better alternative to self-ground coffee beans when you like really good coffee taste!

Do you enjoy coffee every day? One or two cups for breakfast, Cappuccino or Espresso after lunch? Unfortunately, it doesn’t always taste as good as in the Café or at your favorite Italian Restaurant – why that?

Of course, the type of coffee, the quality of the beans, gentle roasting, water or coffee maker play a role, but coffee connoisseurs and lovers also know, the shorter the time between grinding the coffee beans and brewing the powder, the better the coffee taste.

Really good coffee taste! Use Comandante Grinder

Therefore: grind yourself!

The flavours are safely protected in the whole coffee bean. They are only released while grinding. Unfortunately, a lot of these flavours evaporate within a very short time, therefore only the required amount of coffee beans should be ground immediately before brewing.

Coffee beans for your comandante grinder

 So, if grinding of the coffee beans has such a significant impact on the coffee taste, a good coffee grinder such as the Comandante Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade should not be missing, besides high-quality coffee beans and a reliable coffee maker. Actually, a coffee grinder is a MUST – at home or for To Go – in any case always when and where you want to drink really good coffee!



Can you still remember the magical smell of freshly ground coffee and delicious cake at your grandma’s?

Coffee grinders are currently experiencing a real renaissance – according the principle: something that was good in further day cannot be bad today. Consequently, there is every reason to think about buying a coffee grinder. Whether you choose a hand grinder like the high-quality Comandante Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade or an electrical one, whether you choose a modern design or a nostalgic appearance like the coffee grinders from the traditional German manufacturer Zassenhaus – grinding coffee beans yourself definitely leads to a more aromatic taste experience.

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It’s your decision.

By hand or electrically? More of a ‘coffee making ritual’ or faster? Often or rarely, more or less coffee? At home or while travelling?

This decision needs to be made by yourself according to your personal requirements. Nevertheless, we recommend the Comandante Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade. Not for nothing this grinder is one of the bestsellers. Developed and produced in Germany, this grinder keeps it promises. Coffee lovers love this grinder, as the grinding coffee beans feels easy, the grinding result is very homogenous regardless of the selected grinding degree and the quality of the materials as well as the careful workmanship promise long durability and reliability.

This militates in favor for a Comandante Coffee Grinder.

There are certainly a lot of good and reasonably priced coffee grinders (f.e. from Zassenhaus), but one of the most important, if not the most important decision criteria is the grinding mechanism, which is really excellent within the Comandante Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade.

For the Comandante Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade both the ring and the core of the grinder a cut from a solid block of high-alloy, nitrogen-rich stainless steel in a patented procedure. The individually sharpened edges lead to specifically consistent grinding result: from very coarse (‘Karlsbader’ pot) to very fine coffee powder for mocha, with a simple click system you can position up to 35 different degrees, with all of them having a homogenous result.
In addition, two micro ball bearings support the fixed center axis ensuring better distribution of the force and grinding torque.


The coffee grinder – Made in Germany – is characterized by:

  • High-end quality
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Usage of robust materials
  • Great sharpness and excellent edge-holding property
  • Extremely homogenous grinding results
  • Very small amount of coffee dust
  • Easy to use
  • Easy cleaning
  • Durability and reliability

If you don’t want to spend so much money and maybe prefer a nostalgic design, then you will certainly have a lot of fun with the Zassenhaus coffee grinders as well. The Zassenhaus coffee grinder BRASILIA impresses with its high-quality and workmanship. Also, the very good Made in Germany grinder assures a consistent grinding results and great reliability.

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Which Comandante Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade designs are available?

There is only one technical model and size of the Comandante Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade, but in nine different colours:
Black, Virginia Walnut, Liquid Amber, American-Cherry, Alpine Lagoon, Red-Sonja, Burgundy, Green and Cobalt – for every taste the perfect one.

The ageless design convinces and the ergonomical shape of the Comandante Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade is comfortable to hold.

10 advantages at a glance

  1. Less loss of aroma due to timely grinding directly before brewing
  2. As much freshly ground coffee powder as needed
  3. Up to 35 different grinding degrees ensure the correct grain size
  4. The lower frictional heat than with electric coffee grinders leads to a gentler preparation
  5. No electricity is needed – more energy efficient and specifically practical while travelling, when no electricity is available
  6. Due to the double ball bearing, the coffee beans can be ground effortlessly - almost twice as fast as with comparable hand coffee grinders
  7. The curved crank, which is attached with a magnet, fits comfortably in the hand and allows you to grind without much effort
  8. The glass ground coffee container can be easily unscrewed, so no coffee powder gets lost
  9. Very easy to clean, especially compared to electric coffee grinders: untwist, remove the grinder, clean it with a brush, small brush or kitchen paper, put the grinder back in, close it!
  10. The ergonomic shape in ageless design – always a joy using it!

You really can say, the Comandante Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade, was designed and manufactured to have a lifetime joy: technically, visually and most of all by enjoying every single cup of coffee, cappuccino, Espresso…!

Order Comandante Grinder here / fast worldwide shipping


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