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Westmark Cereza Stoner"Kirschomat"- #4070

por Westmark
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Manufacturer Westmark Made in Germany
Westmark Cereza Stoner"Kirschomat"
  • Muy recomendable si se tienen que procesar grandes cantidades de fruta
  • Deshuesadora muy robusta de alta eficiencia (piedras hasta 15 kg/33 lb por hora)
  • La tolva muy grande está inclinada para que la deshuesadora se alimente fácilmente
  • El colector de piedras es muy espacioso.
  • Protección óptima contra salpicaduras
  • Dimensiones:350 x 255 x 100 mm (13,8"x 10"x 3,9")
  • Material:Unidad Stoner incl. eyector de aluminio, revestido, tolva y colector de piedras SAN
  • SKU del fabricante:4070 2260

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Juzer Attaar
    Westmark Cherry Stoner "Kirschomat" Review

    Looks really good and rugged. I am sure it will work great.
    Just a suggestion, it would have been really helpful, if we had assembling instruction in English also for this product.

    Martha Macinski
    Love this Cherry stoner

    This cherry stoner is well made, and looks good. Quality materials, and we expect it to work well for a long time.

    Mariana Guerra
    Westmark Cherry Stioner

    It is a game changer at the time to process lots of cherries. I highly recommend it.

    Michael C
    Amazing cherry stoner

    Well constructed, easy to use, love the auto feeding tray, after pushing plunger pit gets deposited in collection tray and cherry rolls into bowl.
    I had a stoner that you would have to place each cherry on a little stand and then it did 6 at once, but collecting everything to refill took so much longer. This is just a push and it’s ready for the next.

    John Peffer
    John Peffer

    Loved it, we used it to pit, yellow mirabelle plums. Worked Great, Love It!!
    Thank You Very Much,
    John Peffer