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Cortador de Frijoles Westmark Aluminio - #1182

por Westmark
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$37.300 - $37.300
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Manufacturer Westmark Made in Germany
Rebanador de Frijoles Westmark Aluminio
  • Un ayudante único para rebanar frijoles
  • Para sopas y ensaladas
  • Cortar simplemente girando el mango
  • Tres cuchillos endurecidos y afilados
  • Cortar los frijoles en longitudes iguales
  • Muy sólido con abrazadera de tornillo
  • Para aquellos que deseen procesar grandes cantidades
  • Fácil de limpiar
  • Dimensiones:140 x 120 x 260 mm (5,5"x 4,7"x 10,2")
  • Peso:525 g embalaje incluido
  • Material:aluminio revestido, acero inoxidable
  • SKU del fabricante:1182 2260

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jane McDonald
Well-made but not quite the same

I inherited my mother's Dutch cast-iron bean slicer. I was unable to source someone to repair/sharpen the blades. The Westmark slicer is a great replacement. My only concern is finding a counter or tabletop with enough depth for the slicer to attach to securely. I found it necessary to tighten the clamp several times while slicing.

Marv Rozeboom

Cutter is fine. Works great! Wife says great purchase!!

Shelton D.
Over priced

On further use of the bean slicer, several negative technical issues have surfaced and hence the down rating.

William Kreppner
Just like mom’s

My grandmother had a bean slicer. When she made her bean salad I got to slice the beans. I like cooking and miss that fun and easy way to make that bean salad. It works like I remember. Magical it makes the bean salad taste better! Sure makes slicing beans easier and faster.

Johanna Alborzi
Bean slicer

I used similar tool growing up when my parents grew lots of flat beans. I am able to buy the same style beans locally and the slicer works wonderfully.
Always enjoy being another vegetable to introduce to grandchildren. I recommend slicer to anyone who needs one.