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Comandante Red Clix RX35 - #3380

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Manufacturer Comandante Made in Germany

Comandante Red Clix RX35 - #3380

El accesorio para los amantes del café y del comandante que quieren saber exactamente. Con este accesorio original, el grado de molienda se puede ajustar con mayor precisión. El Comandante C40 Red Clix consta de un eje con una rosca fina especial y un ajustador de molinillo.

molinillo de café comandante

De fábrica, son posibles 28 clics para la configuración del molinillo Comandante. Después de instalar Red Clix, son posibles 58 clics. Esto le permite combinar el café aún mejor con su preparación habitual.

El conjunto se compone de un eje con rosca fina, un resorte, dos arandelas, un ajustador de molinillo rojo y una muñequera Comandante.

Alcance de la entrega:

  • 1 x Eje con hilo fino
  • 1 resorte.
  • 2 discos.
  • 1 x ajustador de molienda rojo
  • 1 pulsera de comandante.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sho Ota
Red Clix

Worth buying.
We can control flavors more precisely and get more fun.

Commandante C40

Simply the king of hand grinders. I added the "red clix" to adjust each click to 15 microns which, considering a micron is 1000th of 1 millimetre, is an astonishing accuracy.


Comandante Red Clix RX35 - #3380

Great addition to the Comandante C40!

I’m so thankful I can actually find this in stock and at a good price from loewen-meta! Their shipping process is a little weird, the package tracking is not assuring or up to date at all times, but it arrived on schedule and that’s what matters! Thanks

Thank you for your positive rating. For fast shipping with UPS (e.g. all Comandante Grinders) you will regularly receive an e-mail from depending on the status.
For smaller items (low shipping costs) we will send you a link to the logistics company in your country (USPS in USA for example). Here you can regularly check the status of your shipment. ******* Greetings Martin

Forest Baskett
Red Clix RX35

The Comandante is great by itself but I got to where I was going back and forth between grind settings. The Red Clix gave me the added precision I wanted. Highly recommended.