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Wonderful flaker

We have so enjoyed this flaker! I do wish it came with instructions in English as well, but aside from that I have zero complaints about the whole transaction/product. Measurements were so very helpful! Thank you!

Dear Jordyn,

Thank you very much for your outstanding five-star review. We truly appreciate your feedback and would like to point out that our Eschenfelder Grain Flaker comes with a comprehensive multilingual manual, available in English, Spanish, French, and German. This high-quality manual, directly from the manufacturer, is conveniently located on the right side immediately upon opening the packaging, making it virtually unmissable. It provides detailed information on how to use and maintain the product.

Additionally, we'd like to highlight that you can also download the manual as a PDF directly from our product page. Furthermore, all the measurements and the weight of the product are available on our product page as well. This ensures that you have access to all the essential information at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Should you require any further assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Warm regards,
Martin (CEO)

Great product, wonderful service

I have had one of these mandolins for years and use it all the time. It is simple to use, easy to clean and doesn't take up half a cabinet. After probably 25 years of regular use the blades were all beginning to be a little dull and there is no easy way to sharpen them. I looked all over trying to find a replacement and in the end ordered it from the source in Germany. The whole process was easy and I got notifications of shipping and tracking info. The product arrived well within the window that was quoted and it was well packed so there was no damage to packaging or product.I'm happy to have a nice sharp replacement that is as solid and well built as the original.

Very nice! Much better than chinese junk

Very well made. Seems to be accurate. Adds a very distinguished look to my sauna. Much better than the Chinese junk that came with it.

Love this shredder/grater

Nice for grating cheese and veggies. Very well made. Quick shipping.

Fisher SS sauna thermo + hygrometer set

German made, look & function as expected and more; easy to attach to sauna wall and just awesome looking!!! PS the 130 mm / 5.1" is just right size wise / big enough for 6-person sauna

super nice pepper grinder, with very efficient mechanism.

This grinder replaces a Zassenhaus grinder we have had for 30 years, and finally failed. The replacement is a dream and better than the original. Possibly due to the ceramic grind elements. Beautiful finish and a joy to use.

BEST bread slicer

Love the retro design of the bread slicer. looks great, super easy to use and store away. Fantastic customer service. THANK YOU

Nice sauna thermometer/hygrometer

Great looking and accurate. What’s not to love? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Excellent product, thank you.

Excellent product, thank you.

Excellent Crusty Sourdough Bread Slicer

Works great for slicing thick crusty loaves.
1 minor complaint, after slice is cut, it falls down onto the board and prevents slicing the next slice. Needs a slight engineering fix.

New kitchen favorite

Excellent grinder, easy to use

WestmarkI IceCrusher

Really like this item. Works easily and exactly as it was advertised to do.

Westmark Rotary Grater "Schnitzel Mouli" - #1171

Excellent product!


Really helpful and i highly recommend

Great grinder

This grinder exceeded my high expectations. I would recommend to anyone.

What a piece of art!!!!

I totally LOVE IT!!! I had tried different ones before, some 3 or 4 different ones, but not of them were great, instead, the Loewen-Meta Nutcracker not only is beautifully crafted, but it works to perfection, and it works perfect because when you press it down whenever you’re cracking nuts, it doesn’t go all the way once the nut brakes, because this nutcracker comes with some resistance, with other nutcrackers, once you crack the nut, there’s not stopping the pressure you hand is applying and shells go flying every where, in many pieces all over the place.

I’m so in impressed by this nutcracker, I feel like I want to buy another one, even though I only need one. I highly recommend this nutcracker folks, you will not be disappointed.

Beautiful coffee mill.

This is actually my second coffee mill of this exact model. My original one is still working great at 40 years old, but I wanted a second one for my new guest quarters.

As you can see, I attached the coffee mill to a wooden base with rubber feet, which makes it easier to hold onto. I did the same thing to my first one; it works great!

It arrived quickly and in perfect shape, and is still made with the same high quality as my older one.

I highly recommend Zassenhaus products, and loewen-meta.

Zassenhaus Chilli Mill

Excellent product, good delivery service.

Westmark Fruit Press "Limona" - #5000

Pretty good all round

Needs an auger to push grain or meal from bottom of hopper through to grinders as the sloping surface sometimes isn't enough to ensure the stuff feeds through and you have to keep poking it along with the handle of a fork or something similar.

Zassenhaus Retro Hand Bread Slicer VINTAGE, Chrome - #072006

I absolutely LOVE your bread slicer. I will be recommending it to everyone i know, and also to order straight from the company. Also the shipping was awesome it got here in 4 days. Words cannot explain how impressed I am with this purchase in its entirety. Thank you very much for a wonderful product. Tracy Caylor

Great Product, lovely design

Solid woodbase with heavy duty metal mechanics. It has an old school design but functions wonderfully to cut all breads.

Amazing. Makes my bread even better!

This slicer works great. I can have thin bread for sandwiches and thick bread for toast. I’m able to use more of the ends of the loaf. And when gifting loaves people often prefer sliced. It fills up fairly small so it lives on my counter which is a privilege reserved for few devices