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Zassenhaus Mocha Coffee Grinder / Mill HAVANNA, Polished Brass - #041002

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Manufacturer Zassenhaus

Zassenhaus Mocha Coffee Grinder / Mill HAVANNA, Polished Brass - #041002


  • Type of grinder: mocha
  • Material: brass
  • Crank: brass, removable
  • Material grinder: forged steel
  • Grinder continuously adjustable fine to very fine (mocha)
  • Ground material: coffee/espresso beans
  • Capacity bean container: approx. 30 g / 0.066 lb
  • Diameter: 50 mm / 1.97"
  • Height: 215 mm / 8.46"
  • Weight: 484 g / 1.07 lb

The magnificent housing of this mocha grinder made of solid, polished brass exudes oriental splendour. Filigree ornaments adorn the easy-to-handle Zassenhaus Havana coffee grinder.

The slim, pepper mill-like design also makes this coffee grinder an ideal travel grinder. The brass crank is also removable. This again significantly reduces the space required in the luggage.

As we have known from Zassenhaus for more than 100 years, the grinder in the "Havanna" mocha mill is of excellent quality. First-class material guarantees decades of precise function. This is what Zassenhaus has stood for as a leading manufacturer of manual coffee grinders since 1867. The original Zassenhaus grinder of the coffee and espresso grinders is made of robust special steel and has an extra long service life thanks to its special hardening. With a slight turn of the screw below the grinder, you can continuously set the desired degree of grinding. This is how you grind your coffee with a consistent grinding result. The coffee beans are gently ground, which means that all aroma and vital substances are retained. Because only freshly ground coffee brings true enjoyment.

The degree of grinding can be regulated with the screw below the grinder. Turning clockwise gives you a finer grain size. A coarser grit can be obtained by turning counter-clockwise.


Customer Reviews

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Charles Cihon
Beautiful coffee mill

I have this as a gift to my son, as I have had one for almost 30 years, and he had always wanted one for pepper. Very well made.