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Fischer Sauna Thermometer, Pinewood, 155 mm / 6.1", 196T-03F (US Version, Fahrenheit)

by Fischer
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Manufacturer Fischer Made in Germany

Fischer Sauna Thermometer, Pinewood, 155 mm / 6.1", 196T-03F (US, Fahrenheit)

High-quality bimetal thermometer to measure temperature in the sauna.

  • Hand-crafted high-quality – Made in Germany
  • Temperature 70 to 280 °F
  • Measuring accuracy ± 1 K
  • Diameter Frame 155 mm / 6.1"
  • Face Diameter  130 mm / 5.1"
  • Depth 30 mm / 1.18"
  • Distance lateral air slot all around 1 cm / 0.39"
  • Weight 0.17 kg / 0.37 lbs
  • Case: Pinewood
  • Mineral glass cover

The sauna thermometer can be used immediately. It shows you the exact temperature immediately. The device was extensively tested and pre-adjusted in the climatic chamber at the manufacturer Fischer at 90 °C / 194 °F. A readjustment is usually not necessary. In very rare cases, the device may need to be readjusted. You can carry out the readjustment yourself. For this purpose there is a screw with a very wide slot on the back under the middle hole. If you have any questions about readjusting the sauna thermometer, we would be happy to advise you. However, please always read the enclosed information sheet before adjusting the temperature. There we provide information about, among other things, why the device always displays a lower temperature than is actually set on the sauna heater control (10 – 30 °F less).

Packaging and Transport: The Fischer sauna thermometer is delivered in the original Fischer safety packaging. In addition, the thermometer is packed in another transport box (double-walled) with sufficient padding. This guarantees safe worldwide transport.

Attaching the sauna thermometer: We recommend placing the sauna meter at head height of the person sitting on the top bench (20 to 30 cm below the ceiling). The device should not be installed in the immediate vicinity of the sauna heater. They require a small screw or nail to attach.

You will receive the Fischer operating instructions and our special information sheet with tips for installing and operating the sauna thermometer with the delivery.

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David Waltz

Works great! Highly recommend.