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Fischer Barometer Brass-Mahogany 170 mm / 6.7" - 1436R-22 (English Display)

by Fischer
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Manufacturer Fischer Made in Germany
Fischer Barometer Brass-Mahogany 170 mm / 6.7" - 1436R-22 (English Display)
Beautiful, classic barometer for house, garden or office. The barometer with open movement by Fischer of Germany represents high quality made in Germany and shows off with its outstanding design.
The barometer of the design line "Pascal" not only fascinates by its sophisticated and elegant looks but also enables you to notice any change in weather. The precise craftsmanship and high-precision instruments allow exact measurement of air pressure so that inclement weather will not be a surprise.
  • Longevity due to high-quality materials
  • High-precision measurement
  • Quality made in Germany by the traditional company Fischer Germany
  • Easy to adjust
  • Splendid craftsmanship
  • Decorative and functional
  • With ring hanger
  • Display in English ("Rain" / "Change" / "Fair")
  • Inner scale: air pressure in hPa
  • Outer scale: air pressure in inch
  • Adjustable reference pointer for tracing changes in pressure
  • Frame: 170 mm or 6.69 inch
  • Barometer: 130 mm or 5.11 inch
  • Open movement: 60 mm or 2.36 inch
  • Depth: 45 mm or  1.77 inch
  • Weight: 623 g
  • Cover made of mineral glass
  • Diamond ground brass
  • Real wood Mahogany, etched and varnished
  • Only indoors

Scope of delivery:
  • Fischer Barometer "Pascal" in brass-mahogany design
  • Original manufacturing number 1436R-22 (English)
  • Manual providing the most important information on weather (German & English)
  • Local attitude set on 200 m
  • Actual local attitude is set according to instructions before first use
  • Weight (packing included) 717 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pierre Paquette
Tit for tat

Despite the fact that I ordered an English display but received an American display instead I have to say that its a wonderful piece of work.

Highly recommended.

Pamela Knox

This was purchased for a friend - they are the party submitting these comments and pictures.

I am thoroughly impressed with how this device was packaged. Using a double-layered cardboard exterior carton was likely a key for there being no compromise whatsoever to the shipment, particularly with so many transfers between Germany and here. Not a single ding!

The inner carton containing the instrument was in equally impeccable condition, and the device itself had not so much as a fingerprint on it! Packaging detail went so far as to wrap the brass hanging ring! A number of pictures were taken, but I see no means by which to include any with these comments. I have not seen a device of this quality in many years.

I am equally impressed with the accuracy of the barometer. Specifications cite, "+/- 3mb", but this device, when compared to known-accurate regional barometric pressure data, is tracking exactly with it. That's what one would expect with a quality device manufactured by Fischer; they have been making these devices for over 75 years.

All together, I am very pleased with the quality of the barometer, the attention to detail in manufacturing processes, and how the order went. Should I be in a position to recommend such an instrument, I will suggest a Fischer device, if not the same model I selected.