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Good product but the stand comes with some
Abrasion that exposed the metal rod underneath the paint. So far, no response from the company, Loewen Meta.

Excellent Slicer!

Love, love, love this slicer. I can’t believe how it cut my bread like butter!

Fischer Barometer Brass-Mahogany-(English version)

I did my research before ordering and was hesitant on placing my order outside the US feeling that it would take longer to receive or if it would arrive safely. Both were above my expectations. Packed carefully and arrived before I thought it would. The weather instrument has been working flawlessly.

After using it for over a month everyday at work as a butcher, I would say it is the best sharpening steel I have ever used.

Comandante Red Clix RX35

I was surprised to find out this finer grain adjustment makes so much difference even for espresso. One click makes difference in taste!

Works great

No problems with any part of the transaction and it works as advertised


Works good and is nice and small to fit on car dash.

Bean Machine

I love my bean machine and also tried doing carrots and they are fabulous too - just cut the carrots lengthwise to fit whole and put in like a bean - they are lovely and evenly cut and going to try parsnips too and maybe cylinder beets and zucchini this summer when in season - Karen McCaffery


Please explain why barometer points to fair rather than rain when it’s raining ? I tried to research on web, can’t find an answer.

The symbols 'Sun' and 'Rain' (or the text on the dial 'Rain' and 'Fair') are conventionally positioned on the display of the analog barometer. 'Sun' is located on the right side within the 'High Pressure' range, while 'Rain' is placed on the left side within the 'Low Pressure' range.

These indications or symbols often lead to misunderstandings when using an analog barometer. Here is the clarification:

The symbols are intended to merely suggest that when the pointer moves to the right (indicating an increase in air pressure), the weather is likely to improve. Conversely, when the air pressure decreases, the pointer moves towards the left (in the direction where the 'Rain' symbol is positioned).

It is important to note that it is entirely possible for the sun to shine when the air pressure is low (pointer on the 'Rain' symbol) and for rain to occur when the air pressure is high (pointer on 'Sun').

As previously explained, the critical factor with an analog barometer is not the current position of the pointer but the direction it has moved over a specific period. To achieve this, one sets the reference pointer to the current value and regularly reads the value over a designated time (e.g., every 12 or 24 hours). By observing the direction in which the pointer moves, one can make a weather prediction. If the barometer's pointer remains stationary (common in summer), it suggests that the weather is unlikely to change. Occasionally, there may be minor fluctuations in air pressure. To detect these, it is advisable to tap the glass of all analog barometers lightly before reading. This tapping ensures slight movement of the pointer, allowing for the observation of these subtle changes and an accurate determination of the actual direction in which the pointer is moving.

Heirloom product! LOVE IT!

FANTASTIC QUALITY! Good shipping. No other product comes close. I got mine when I was 12 from my mom and it will probably last forever. It handles sticky, tough or cold dough and does great. I just got two for an industrial kitchen in Bolivia that I got to volunteer with. I expect them to last for decades there too.

Thank you for your nice review and the picture.

Best regards

Plum pitter

Great appliance. Works fast and easy to clean. I would recommend

Very happy with my purchase! Delivered fast from Germany!

Very quick and handy for small amounts.

Stockel quality German Craftmanship

Stockel Professional Ice Cream Scoops are made and constructed of quality materials that are above any competitors. These are by far superior to other store bought scoops. Everyone who I’ve purchased them for are extremely happy and amazed of the quality.

Delite Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Mount StormGlass

You could not get this better anywhere else. The machine tooling is perfect, it is sturdy, the finish is flawless, it was even packed well. It works as it is supposed to.

Excellent Product

I went from pre-ground coffee, to an electric blade grinder, to the MK4, and it’s worth every penny. The only problem I had was deciding on a color. :) After reading a review in New York Magazine, I knew I had to have one. Plus, they included a link to Loewen META, which shipped the grinder much faster than expected and packed very well. I’d highly recommend you do business with this company. As for Comandante, I had a question about the grinder and they responded quickly too. It really is a joy buying specialty coffee beans and using this grinder every morning. The difference is obvious.

Perfect replacement

I had one from Germany for many years that wasn't dishwasher safe but was ruined when another used the dishwasher for cleaning.
This one is better as it is dishwasher safe.
Makes perfect spatzle noodles.

Automated Comandante with Hario Mill Stick

So glad to have found this Hario Mill Stick with its adaptor to automate Comandante Hand Grinder. No more sore arm with multiple cups of pour over coffee. Though reside in opposite of the globe @Malaysia, items were received within a week. Care taken on safe packaging and received the same. Highly recommended store.

Clock review

Great clock! Keeps really good time, and the sounds are soothing.

Perfect in Every Sense

Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to buy. Perfect results. Quality built and durable product. German engineering at its best! Why look for anything else when this is everything you need?

Sieger ruby knife sharpener

This is my fourth Sieger sharpener. After watching an amazing demonstration on YouTube I ordered one. These work best when used to maintain a fine edge on quality knives rather than resharpening a damaged blade. If you simply use this frequently on a good blade the knife will perform perfectly. Expensive but worth it. I have them in the kitchen, shop and bought two more for my children.

Great product; great service

Spectacular and above board service. Would highly recommend.



Good company with products, shipping and service

Purchased a high quality German bread slicer. Shipped directly from Germany. Smooth transaction and shipping was good. Very happy and will buy from them again.

Jaime Herreros

La máquina funciona de maravilla.
Me recuerda la que teníamos en mi casa cuando yo era chico