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Westmark Cereza Stoner"Kirschomat"- #4070

por Westmark
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$ 1,085.00
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Manufacturer Westmark Made in Germany
Westmark Cereza Stoner"Kirschomat"
  • Muy recomendable si se tienen que procesar grandes cantidades de fruta
  • Deshuesadora muy robusta de alta eficiencia (piedras hasta 15 kg/33 lb por hora)
  • La tolva muy grande está inclinada para que la deshuesadora se alimente fácilmente
  • El colector de piedras es muy espacioso.
  • Protección óptima contra salpicaduras
  • Dimensiones:350 x 255 x 100 mm (13,8"x 10"x 3,9")
  • Material:Unidad Stoner incl. eyector de aluminio, revestido, tolva y colector de piedras SAN
  • SKU del fabricante:4070 2260

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Lorryn Paull

    It was a gift but recipient hasn’t used it yet. Thank you.

    Owen Pidgeon

    I have used your earlier models of cherry stoners for some years, but they came to the end of their useful life.
    So I purchased two of the new models to be sent to Australia. They arrived very quickly - that was good as we are in our early summer harvest period.
    The puncher unit is much more sturdy that the earlier model, so I found this to be a very good improvement.
    The design concept of a rectangular base box is better than the elliptical version of the earlier model.
    However, I have found two problems.
    1. the puncher unit did not fit securely into the plastic base box. it would be better if the design of the base included a 2 - 3 mm outside 'lip' so the unit would hold firmly.
    2. the cherry feeder tray did not fit securely into the assembled unit. The little vertical plastic sections on its bottom part did not allow for it to sit into the rectangular base tub.
    I do hope that this feedback will encourage you to make some minor modifications to your design... because overall it is the best unit on the market.
    Owen Pidgeon
    16 Carrington Road
    Spring Range NSW 2618

    Dear Mr. Pidgeon,

    Thank you very much for your detailed feedback on our Westmark cherry stoner. We greatly appreciate your constructive comments.

    We have forwarded your complaint to the manufacturer, who has carefully reviewed the issues you mentioned. The problems have now been resolved, and the device can be used as demonstrated in the video on our online shop's product page. We recommend watching the video to ensure the correct use of the device.

    Once again, thank you for your valuable feedback, which has helped us improve our product. Should you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Best regards,

    Andre Cichowski
    Max cherry pitter

    So quick and easy we may have to start a side business selling cherry pie!

    Brian Dollman-Jersey
    About 98% effective, but best I’ve used so far

    I like the design of the pitter, the cherries need a little help feeding as they frequently ‘bunch up’ at the entry point. I alway cut the pitted cherries in half to insure no pits get through. Out of five pounds of cherries I found four or five pits that had gotten through…not bad, but even one is too many if you value your molars. Also, the plastic feed tray upon which the metal pitting device attaches is showing stress cracks after the first use, but I believe a lighter blow on the plunger would help alleviate this without affecting the effectiveness of the machine. All in all it’s much faster, cleaner and more comfortable than previous jar top pitters I have used. I would recommend giving it a try!

    Mary Koszarek
    Cherry pitter

    It was awesome…seldom missed a cherry. Love that you could pit handfuls at a time. So much more efficient than one at a time. I would recommend it to anyone!!🍒🍒🍒