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Molinillo de Café Kinu M47 Acero Inoxidable

por Kinu
Precio original $ 3,923.00 - Precio original $ 6,210.00
Precio original
$ 3,923.00
$ 3,923.00 - $ 6,210.00
Precio actual $ 3,923.00
Manufacturer Kinu Made in Germany

Molinillo de Café Kinu M47 Acero Inoxidable

La línea Kinu de molinillos de café manuales monodosis de acero inoxidable de alta gama es una opción confiable y eficiente tanto para los entusiastas del café como para los profesionales. Estas amoladoras utilizan un principio de cono Morse único y una construcción totalmente metálica, lo que da como resultado el centrado automático de las fresas. Este diseño innovador permite una molienda constante y precisa en todo momento. El tope para el pulgar asegura un manejo fácil y una operación cómoda.

Con fresas cónicas de grado profesional de 47 mm, estos molinillos están diseñados para un molido rápido y eficiente. Las fresas están tratadas con Black-Fusion, lo que garantiza su longevidad y un rendimiento óptimo. Todas las piezas de plástico de los molinillos están hechas de ABS apto para alimentos, lo que garantiza que sean dispositivos seguros y duraderos para el uso diario.

Para facilitar el almacenamiento y el transporte, los molinillos de café Kinu vienen con un estuche rígido de viaje de EVA. Este estuche está diseñado para proteger los dispositivos contra rayones y otros daños mientras viaja. Ya seas un barista profesional o un entusiasta del café, los molinillos de café Kinu son una opción confiable y de alto rendimiento, perfecta para lograr la molienda perfecta para tu café.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gabe Eckard
My M-47 Kinu is a daily used item

Im going to say this up front. There is a learning curve to dial your grind in. This is not really shown in the instructional videos. I French press and have dialed mine in to 5 full revolutions. Note, Take the screw out of the top. Take the bottom catch off and hold the bottom of the shaft to set accurately.Another mention is clean off magnetic catch top. I can grind coffee for 2 before the water starts boiling. So it is fast depending on your grind setting. If you like Espresso I wouldn't recommend this grinder unless you want to be grinding hit and miss for an hour. This works perfectly for me feels great . Really solid. I would buy again.

Quality is this.

As in, this is a great example of quality design, engineering and manufacture. It's satisfying to use, and so far delivers consistent results. I'd still be using my little Porlex if not for a stupid hurricane but this is so much nicer. Complaints? Yes. It's messy when you pop the bottom (I have the plastic o-ring bottom). Gotta do it over a sink or something. Never had that issue with the Porlex. Overall though it grinds my coffee faster and looks nice. And, as much as I love magnets, I still can't see paying an extra 200 bucks for that feature. Cheers.

Troy Supertino
If you’re thinking about getting this item get it!

The Kinu M47 is the best hand grinder I’ve owned by far; even the travel case is top of the line. I own several hand grinders! This is almost 100% stainless steel, and will last for several lifetimes.

Lazaro Gonzalez
Love the grinder

Really satisfied. The order arrived very quickly in spite of coming from Europe. The grinder is excellent. It is worth the money.

Fast Delivery and Good Quality

Bought it for making espresso, because a reviewer's recommandation. It can make good espresso but really heavy, although you could be used to it soon. I'm happy to own it!!