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Bottle Opener and Corker "Ah-So" Monopol Edition - #6285 336C

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Manufacturer Westmark Made in Germany

Bottle Opener and Corker "Ah-So" Monopol Edition

Waiter's friend, super fine polished, satin-finished, two hardened steel prongs embrace the cork, without damaging it, thus ideal also for brittle corks. MONOPOL offers a specially sharpened cutting thread. The cutting thread “cuts” its way softly through the cork and does not press it apart. A breakage of the cork when pulling it out is almost impossible because of the wide, flat pulling surface of the thread.

  • Two hardened steel prongs embrace the cork
  • Thus ideal also for brittle corks
  • With decorative casing
  • With cap opener
  • Dimensions: 109 x 66 x 10 mm (4.3" x 2.6" x 0.4")
  • Weight: 70 g / 0.15 lb
  • Material: handle zinc-die casting, chrome-plated
  • Casing steel chrome-plated
  • Steel-prongs
  • Manufacturer Art.-No.: 6285 336C

How to use and to care:

  • First enter the longer prong between cork and bottle neck.
  • Then apply twisting downwards movement until the handle touches the top of the bottle.
  • By simultaneous turning and pulling the cork can easily be removed from the bottle.
  • It is also possible to re-cork the bottle using the Ah-So following the steps in the opposite way round.

The steel prongs are factory-wise treated with a foodfriendly grease and should be lubricated again from time to time with a drop of cooking oil. Please wipe Ah-So dry after every use.


MONOPOL attach the greatest importance to thorough workmanship, finely crafted surfaces and flawless functionality. Therefore a lot of work is still done by hand at MONOPOL. A product manufactured by us is manually handled several times, controlled, ground, re-finished and more until we are convinced that a great job has been done.

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Vladyslav Baronin

Good afternoon I still didn't receive it, could you update me