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Cascanueces"Estetico"Edición Monopol - #1680

por Westmark
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Manufacturer Westmark Made in Germany

Cascanueces"Estetico"Edición Monopol

Con todos los cascanueces MONOPOL, debajo del exterior elegante y suave se encuentra una herramienta robusta y altamente funcional. El diseño clásico y la funcionalidad confiable convierten a nuestros cascanueces en compañeros de por vida.

  • Mangos de madera cálidos
  • un buen contraste
  • Genial metal pulido
  • muy decorativo
  • poderoso ayudante
  • Rompe muchas nueces diferentes
  • Dimensiones:180 x 45 x 15 mm (7,1"x 1,8"x 0,6")
  • Peso:192 g/0,42 libras
  • Material:zinc fundido a presión, niquelado, pulido
  • Tiradores:nogal
  • SKU del fabricante:1680 3380

Damos la mayor importancia a la mano de obra minuciosa, las superficies finamente elaboradas y la funcionalidad impecable. Por lo tanto, todavía se hace mucho trabajo a mano en MONOPOL. Un producto fabricado por nosotros es manipulado manualmente varias veces, controlado, rectificado, reacabado y más hasta que estamos convencidos de que se ha hecho un gran trabajo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sergey Ivanov

It’s a high quality , Made in Germany Nutscracker.

Francisco Merino
What a piece of art!!!!

I totally LOVE IT!!! I had tried different ones before, some 3 or 4 different ones, but not of them were great, instead, the Loewen-Meta Nutcracker not only is beautifully crafted, but it works to perfection, and it works perfect because when you press it down whenever you’re cracking nuts, it doesn’t go all the way once the nut brakes, because this nutcracker comes with some resistance, with other nutcrackers, once you crack the nut, there’s not stopping the pressure you hand is applying and shells go flying every where, in many pieces all over the place.

I’m so in impressed by this nutcracker, I feel like I want to buy another one, even though I only need one. I highly recommend this nutcracker folks, you will not be disappointed.

Lovely nutcracker

I haven’t used this yet but it’s beautiful and feels very sturdy, I think it will work well.

Jomarie Acosta
Beautiful Tool

I am an elderly woman with small hands who loves fresh walnuts. This nutcracker fits my hands (yes, I sometimes use them both) comfortably and works efficiently and easily on the nuts. It is well-made and pleasing to look at. Could not be happier.

Pure Luxury

The Nutcracker is the best one I've ever held in my hands. It has a nice weight to it. The handles are smooth and buttery to the touch. On the inside of the metal in small letters it says Germany which I absolutely love. The packaging was very nice. I left a 5 🌟 if I could I would leave 10 🌟 it's that good. I highly recommend it's perfection.