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Eschenfelder Granero en copos, modelo de mesa, embudo de madera

Precio original $ 3,984.00 - Precio original $ 4,528.00
Precio original
$ 3,984.00
$ 3,984.00 - $ 4,528.00
Precio actual $ 3,984.00
Manufacturer Eschenfelder Made in Germany

Eschenfelder Granero en copos, modelo de mesa, embudo de madera

Presentamos la trituradora de cereales Eschenfelder con embudo de madera: ¡la elegancia se une a la funcionalidad!

Nos enorgullecemos de utilizar tuercas moleteadas hechas a medida de acero inoxidable como tornillos de bloqueo, añadiendo un toque extra de elegancia al exprimidor de granos.

Los cereales recién exprimidos retienen todos los nutrientes del grano entero, formando la base de una dieta saludable y contemporánea. A través del proceso de exprimido, el grano se abre suavemente, preservando así los valiosos aceites de germen, portadores de nutrientes y enzimas, que permanecen intactos. Las golosinas elaboradas con copos se mastican más a fondo que los productos de harina y estimulan la peristalsis intestinal mucho más que los cereales molidos. Por eso a los copos también se les llama "el cepillo de dientes del intestino". La consistencia de los copos proporciona una agradable sensación de masticación y confiere un sabor distintivo.


  • Embudo extraíble en las versiones: haya, nogal y fresno.
  • Mecanismo de descamación: dos rodillos de acero inoxidable sin níquel, funcionamiento sin desgaste y sin engranajes
  • Canaleta: acero inoxidable sin níquel
  • Fácil limpieza gracias al diseño abierto > incluye un pequeño cepillo de bambú
  • Estructura: Madera maciza de haya nacional, tratada con aceite de linaza orgánico.
  • Grosor de las escamas: continuamente ajustable
  • Producción de escamas: para una ración de muesli (50 g / 1,76 Oz) aprox. 20 segundos, apretando varias veces se puede obtener harina.
  • Capacidad de la tolva aprox. 200 g / 7 onzas
  • Apto para todos los cereales excepto maíz, seco o húmedo, también apto para semillas oleaginosas, especias, legumbres pequeñas y mucho más.
  • Manivela: Longitud 20 cm / 7,87", longitud adicional 25 cm / 9,84" disponible bajo pedido (sin cargo)
  • Manivela: madera maciza de origen local, ver arriba (Hopper)
  • Tornillos de bloqueo: Tuercas moleteadas de acero inoxidable
  • Abrazadera: para tableros de mesa hasta máx. 4,5 cm / 1,77" de espesor, Profundidad del voladizo de la mesa: mín. 3 cm / 1,18"
  • Dimensiones alto x ancho x profundidad: 24 x 12 x 24 cm (incluida la manivela) / 9,45" x 4,72" x 9,45"
  • Peso aproximado. 2,50 kg/5,51 libras


Instrucciones de uso Eschenfelder modelo de mesa para hacer copos de cereales

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I am so happy to have chosen this flaker. I searched a long time & checked reviews. I had a different flaker that broke & was quite disappointing since it clogged & didnt flake consistently. Having the Loewen-Meta flaker is such a different experience. It flakes easily & the flakes are perfect. Can't wait to use it more.
The instructions are in English ( Despite what others have said.) The accompanied recipes are not in English but I took a picture & got a translation on Google Translate.

Richard Joyce
the six year solution

I have been rolling oats for several years now, and have tried 11 different options for getting the job done over that time period.

The task is more specific than that contemplated by most 'grain flakers', and not worth the thousands of dollars needed for a specific commercial pat roller solution.

I had settled on using 'pasta machines', trying the cheapest $29.99 chinesium version with misaligned rollers, up to the $500+ trendy Italians. They work, but they are a lot of effort, and break at between 3 to 6 months of age. (The roller gap adjustment usually fails first)

Low speed, high torque motors help, but they have not lasted as long as the pasta machines to which I've mated them.

I am 66 years old, and this is only the third review I have ever bothered to write. I am a professor in the computer science department at a major usa university, so 'only 3' is not due to some age-related aversion to technology.

This product rises to the rate level of 'worth it'. My small contribution to humanity - if you are looking to roll oat groats, this Eschenfelder and a bit of moisture control is the answer. Integrated over time, it is cheaper as well, and you can skip the motor.

Wonderful flaker

We have so enjoyed this flaker! I do wish it came with instructions in English as well, but aside from that I have zero complaints about the whole transaction/product. Measurements were so very helpful! Thank you!

Dear Jordyn,

Thank you very much for your outstanding five-star review. We truly appreciate your feedback and would like to point out that our Eschenfelder Grain Flaker comes with a comprehensive multilingual manual, available in English, Spanish, French, and German. This high-quality manual, directly from the manufacturer, is conveniently located on the right side immediately upon opening the packaging, making it virtually unmissable. It provides detailed information on how to use and maintain the product.

Additionally, we'd like to highlight that you can also download the manual as a PDF directly from our product page. Furthermore, all the measurements and the weight of the product are available on our product page as well. This ensures that you have access to all the essential information at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Should you require any further assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Warm regards,
Martin (CEO)