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Zassenhaus Nuez moscada/Molinillo de especias DUO - #035261

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Este elegante molinillo de especias DUO de Zassenhaus está equipado con una técnica especial de corte por láser y es adecuado para pimienta negra, canela, nueces, cereales y nuez moscada.

Información del producto:
Tipo de molino:molinillo de nuez moscada/especias
Material:Plástico/acero inoxidable
Dimensión:Ø 5,0 x 11 cm
Número de artículo del fabricante 035261

+ con tapa extraíble
+ y una papelera

Customer Reviews

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Wolfgang Baumgartner
Best nutmeg grinder on the market

One of the main problems with nutmegs is that they are too big for pepper grinders and too small for mandolin slicers. This justifies a dedicated device. The Zassenhaus nutmeg grinder uses an innovative and simple way of solving this. The nutmeg is wedged in by the design of the chamber. Very useful tool. Much better than the alternative of holding the nutmeg in place with a little clip (had this before, now in the trash). I highly recommend the Zassenhaus.