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Westmark Double-Cherry- & Plum Stoner"Steinomat"- #4060

por Westmark
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$ 1,074.00
$ 1,074.00 - $ 1,074.00
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Westmark Double-Cherry- & Plum Stoner"Steinomat"
  • Aquí se deshuesan dos cerezas simultáneamente en las unidades de deshuesado doble
  • Aprox. Por lo tanto, se pueden procesar 20 kg/44 lb por hora de fruta
  • El recogedor de huesos se puede cambiar dependiendo de si está procesando cerezas o ciruelas.
  • Dimensiones:310 x 300 x 100 mm (12,2"x 11,8"x 3,9")
  • Material:eyectores de cereza de aluminio, revestido
  • Cuchillo acero inoxidable, cuerpo y émbolo POM, SAN
  • Número de artículo del fabricante:4060 2260

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

It's simple to use, works great. Glad I made the purchase!

Mariana Guerra
Plum Stoner

I would like to say it is a good product but after barely used, the handle to push downward broke an it is not working properly so it is not very useful anymore.

Hello Mariana,

Please excuse the problem with the device. All products that you buy from us come with a two-year guarantee worldwide. Please send us a picture of the defective part and a description of the fault. We will then be happy to send you a new device or a suitable spare part. If it is very important for you, we are also happy to send the replacement delivery with UPS Saver (fast shipping). Of course, we will cover all additional costs for exchanges.

Greetings from Germany
Martin (CEO)

Melina Buckley
Highest quality kitchen tools

This great device is well designed and works perfectly. Fun too.

David Feinberg
Dangerous and Poorly Thought Out

I love cherry potters, I buy them to test the function. Someday I may design and make one. The concept of pitting two cherries at once is a great idea. While the build and execution is great the pitter just doesn’t work as intended.
One cherry is often stuck on the pit plunger,, There is no catch bowl for the pitted cherries, they just roll away onto the counter, dripping cherry juice everywhere after pitting. Dangerously there is no guard or warning on the stoner. Without thinking I rested my thumb on the fruit stoner anvil. Then when a I operated the potter the stoner blade came down forcefully on my thumb thereby inflicting a bloody injury on myself. Lest you think I’m an idiot, I’m an engineer and product designer and have safely run a metal lathe and milling machine for years without incident. I wanted to love this product but it just doesn’t live up to its potential as well as being dangerous. Westmark should re-review the engineering safety analysis, withdraw this product from the market and redesign it.

Michael Elliot-Knight
Fast but clogs with smaller sour cherries

I do live this pitter as it is much faster than pitting individuals cherries. However, we are processing smaller sour cherries from our cherry bush m, which often get clogged because they stick two at a time in the openings. The unit seems to be constructed for larger sweet cherry varieties. Still, it’s the best pitter we’ve found. The additional plum pitter is great because were often processing plums at the same time of year.