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Even the most benign item can be made to last...

In a world that has been on a plastic high for such a long time it was refreshing to find something so benign still made the old way. The metal may have changed but that is not the point. It is the fact that this is still made with the same care and attention as it was in my grandparents era. Thank you for keeping things real...


I am so happy to have chosen this flaker. I searched a long time & checked reviews. I had a different flaker that broke & was quite disappointing since it clogged & didnt flake consistently. Having the Loewen-Meta flaker is such a different experience. It flakes easily & the flakes are perfect. Can't wait to use it more.
The instructions are in English ( Despite what others have said.) The accompanied recipes are not in English but I took a picture & got a translation on Google Translate.

Beautiful Fischer Sauna Thermometer + Hygrometer

looks great. high quality

Absolutely love the Westmark Rotary Grater

Ranks as a best purchase. The days of grating being a chore and some of the time ending with a bloody knuckle are gone. Highly, highly recommend.

Comandante C40MK4 is the best !

Delivery was fast, product was very well packed and as described. I really love my comandante. Thanks a lot !

Nice Mill

Enjoying the mill,
grinds the wheat berries good, so far have used hard white wheat, going to try eikhorn next. pay attention to the smallest grind size when purchasing

Super comfortable

I love the sauna headrest. So much that I bought a second one for my son.

Awesome coffee bean grinder!

Love it!

My M-47 Kinu is a daily used item

Im going to say this up front. There is a learning curve to dial your grind in. This is not really shown in the instructional videos. I French press and have dialed mine in to 5 full revolutions. Note, Take the screw out of the top. Take the bottom catch off and hold the bottom of the shaft to set accurately.Another mention is clean off magnetic catch top. I can grind coffee for 2 before the water starts boiling. So it is fast depending on your grind setting. If you like Espresso I wouldn't recommend this grinder unless you want to be grinding hit and miss for an hour. This works perfectly for me feels great . Really solid. I would buy again.

Ice crusher

Quality product. Exactly what I needed and wanted.

It’s a high quality , Made in Germany Nutscracker.

Aneroid Barometer

It works well. I checked it against the National Weather Service (U.S.) and another instrument for accuracy. Once adjusted for elevation the barometer is accurate. I have seen it change by more than an inch as the weather changed. Typical German quality and engineering, it's worth the money.

The cheap Chinese barometers are sometimes off by more than inch of Hg as the weather changes, they aren't worth the money.

It’s legit!

I was worried but everything came as expected and timely. Bread slicer works great!! Makes slicing sour dough so much easier!

Fischer Barometer with Thermometer & Hygrometer 7.9" - 1694R-22 (German Display / °C)

Amazing slicer creates perfect sandwich size slices

As an avid Sourdough baker I was always looking for the perfect bread slice. One that is adjustable, has an 'arm' to hold each slice away from the turning handle and is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing to see in my kitchen. This Ritter Bread and Food slicer ticks all the boxes. Very well engineered, stays put when slicing. Perfect slices every time, easy to use and set up, easy to clean. I'm very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this slicer to all bread bakers.


Crushed ice is larger than anticipated.

Great Customer Service and Great Quality Product

I had originally ordered the same slicer from
Amazon for a higher price. The one I received from Amazon had to have been a knock off, it left metal shavings on the bread and was just janky - came from
Mexico…But had the same look and brand on it. I returned that one and started my search again.
Found it through loewen meta and received my order in about a week and a half. It’s perfect and I got a cool box from Germany! They do transfer it to usps once it gets to the states and you’ll have to call in for the usps tracking - the website for their shipping company won’t show it. I am happy with my purchase and it cuts thick sourdough perfectly. Thanks !!


Thank you very much for your wonderful review of the Zassenhaus CLASSIC bread slicer.

We usually ship this with DHL Express. Depending on your location in the USA, the package may be handed off to UPS, USPS, or FedEx for the final leg of delivery. However, you can track your package at any time with DHL Express to see when it will arrive (typically within a week or even sooner).

I hope you enjoy your Zassenhaus CLASSIC bread slicer.

Best regards,

Very happy with customer service and product

I am selling the product at my coffee shop. The customer service was very good and the product delivered was as expected. Thank you.

Love it!!

We are loving the food cutter!! It slices well and is really easy to use!! It’s a well made quality product!! I would definitely recommend!!

Excellent Product

Easy to use, a real game changer! Gets daily use in our kitchen.

Best Sauna temp and humidity gauge!!!

Seriously, after reading so many reviews of poorly built or lasting sauna gauges… I went to the true source! My Fischer sauna gauge looks great, is built so well and works perfectly! Glad I can count on this gauge lasting a long time! Last sauna was 175deg. F. This gauge is well worth it!


Thank you for your review and the picture of the Fischer sauna thermometer and hygrometer. You have a very nice sauna. The wood-fired sauna stove is also very interesting. We hope you enjoy your sauna. (My recommendation: It is also very nice to use the sauna in summer, not just in the cold season.)

Best regards

Best bread slicer ever!

I received my order very quickly, despite it needing to ship internationally. Along with that, the bread slicer is perfect for those who make bread at home, but really struggle to slice anything resembling even slices.

Zassenhaus Bread Slicer from Loewen Meta delivered to New Zealand

The delivery time was extraordinarily fast less than a week to my home in New Zealand. The bread slicer is as expected and operates perfectly. I am very impressed with the service.

excellent and good memories

Very good item, it has brought back fond memories of when I lived in Germany, thank you.