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Professional Uncorking Machine CYKLOP with Table Mount & Capsule Cutter - No. 330

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Professional Uncorking Machine CYKLOP with Table Mount & Capsule Cutter - No. 330

The model "CYKLOP" is manufactured since 1975 in Germany by the company Holland-Cunz Mechanische Werkstätte. The unique uncorking machine is built particularly robust and therefore suitable for professional continuous use. In addition, the machine is a very special eye-catcher. Thus, all collectors and techies are guaranteed to enjoy it.

The "CYKLOP" is heavy, made of cast iron and has a wooden handle.

The mechanics of the "CYKLOP" works smoothly and consists of 23 parts. All parts are completely free and can be cleaned and re-greased at any time. In addition, if necessary, each part can be replaced.

You can make the replacement of individual parts yourself. All spare parts are usually always in stock at the manufacturer, and available from us at short notice (cheap worldwide shipping!).

Where all other systems have failed, the "CYKLOP" has proven itself. The peculiarity of the construction and the resistance of the machine meet even the highest demands placed on a complete uncorking machine.

The operation is easy and simple. All internal parts are completely free and can be cleaned and lubricated at any time. An accumulation of cork residues and dirt is not possible. Pressure and tension on this machine are applied to the main parts in the carriage guide from both sides at the same time. In all other systems, the pressure and the pulling is one-sided, making these devices more power.

Product Highlights: 
  • Made in Germany
  • Premium quality
  • Particularly durable
  • Robust & valuable mechanism
  • For continuous use
  • Suitable in the catering 
  • The machine is to be fastened at a suitable place by turning the thumbscrew.
  • Then put the lever all the way up.
  • Place the bottle in the direction of the machine at the bottom of the housing and push the lever all the way down.
  • The cork is pulled out of the bottle. Remove the bottle.
  • When the lever is pushed up, the spiral turns out of the cork and releases it.
It should be noted that the bottle should always be kept straight in the extension of the machine, otherwise the spiral will drill diagonally into the cork, which could break the spiral or the neck of the bottle. Spiral fat a week! Please do not use cooking oil!

Technical Specifications:

  • Housing iron investment casting nickel-plated
  • Handle made of stained beech wood
  • Spindle with sharp thread, surrounded by a shank
  • Integrated capsule cutter
  • Clamp foot for 1.4 - 4.9 cm thick mounting plates
  • Dimensions 24 x 17 x 17 cm (H x W x D)
  • Weight 4.1 kg
  • A detailed user manual is enclosed

Customer Reviews

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M. V.
So far excellent quality

Time will tell how well it will hold up, but there is much less power required to use the lever than other cork pull contraptions. Quick and easy!