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ARAM Focus Pressure Gauge

by Aram
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Manufacturer Aram

ARAM Focus Pressure Gauge

Introducing the Focus – Pressure Gauge, the revolutionary accessory designed to elevate your manual espresso-making experience with Aram's espresso machine. Unleash the full potential of your coffee by mastering water pressure like never before.


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Focus – Pressure Gauge: Brewing Mastery at Your Fingertips

Experience coffee-making in a league of its own with the unprecedented Focus pressure gauge. Crafted to fit seamlessly into any Aram espresso machine ever made, this accessory transforms your manual espresso preparation into a personalized and exclusive ritual.

aram espresso maker highlight the taste of your coffee

What Sets Focus Apart?

Unlike any other pressure gauge, Focus empowers you to control water pressure dynamically by adjusting the handle speed. This innovative feature allows you to craft your ideal coffee, bringing out nuanced flavors with each preparation.

Key Features:
  •  Visible Precision: The pressure gauge makes water pressure visible inside the coffee maker, enabling you to choose and replicate your preferred pressure for a consistently perfect brew.
  • Upgrade Compatibility: Designed as an upgrade for any Aram espresso machine, Focus ensures that you don't need to replace your entire coffee maker – just enhance it with this game-changing accessory.
  • Handmade Excellence: Our products are meticulously handmade by skilled artisans, adding a touch of uniqueness to each piece. The wooden cover, following the Wabi Sabi philosophy, may exhibit natural textures and tones, making every accessory one-of-a-kind.


    Taste the Difference:

    • Precision Brewing: Adjust the handle turning speed to witness the magic unfold. Different pressures result in distinct coffee tastes, and with Focus, you can experiment to find your perfect balance.
    • Creaminess and Repetition: Achieve that delectable and creamy espresso effortlessly. After determining the required pressure for your ideal coffee, maintain the same grinding level and handle speed for consistent results.
    •  Grind Calibration: Focus aids in identifying the right grind. Too fine, and the pieces rise rapidly, indicating excessive pressure and bitterness; too coarse, and no rise occurs, resulting in overly acidic coffee. Find the ideal grind for a balanced and flavorful cup.

    aram espresso maker creaminess and repetition

    Upgrade Now for Long-Lasting Excellence:

    Our commitment to durability means you can upgrade your Aram espresso machine without purchasing a new one. Order the Focus – Pressure Gauge, and effortlessly install the new parts to enjoy an enhanced coffee-making experience.

    aram espresso maker get the right grind
    Transform your coffee rituals with Focus – Pressure Gauge and savor the art of brewing exceptional espresso with every turn of the handle. Upgrade now and embark on a journey of flavor mastery.


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