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Excellent handgrinder

Doing some pour over, this provides excellent ground coffee. Its beautiful, functional and creates excellent coffee.
Complaint? Wish it had a larger than 40 gram capacity (perhaps 60) and that it worked faster.
However the results are excellent.


The quality and of the product is unsurpassed

Fischer Sheraton Weather Station: to be or not to be

This information on the weather (temp, humidity, and barometer) is in conflict with my other weather smaller less expensive weather station. I am unsure which requires calibration. As such, I do not know which is correct.

Nice looking piece though.
Looks great on my wall!
Soon, I will take the smaller weather station down and place it in another room.

Hello Robert,

Thank you for your review. If you have any questions about the device and about adjusting the measuring devices, you can contact at any time. We will be happy to help you with any type of problem. In addition, each device comes with instructions with all the important details (including how to adjust the measuring devices).

Kind regards
Martin (CEO)


Arrived quickly and the product is great!!


It’s seems the only seller in the US market. It ships from Germany and arrives in a week. Genuine product with great value!

Fischer Sauna Thermometer

Seller provided tracking information and item was packaged extremely well, arriving safe and sound! My email question was answered promptly, and price was great too. Would definitely buy from them again.

Red Clix

Worth buying.
We can control flavors more precisely and get more fun.



Just buy something and be amazed

This is a company that goes extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied.
Will definitely buy more from them in the future

Exceptional Purchase Experience - Highly Recommended!

The best price I could find on the internet was for a genuine product in the exact wood color I wanted. Their response was prompt, and the grinder was dispatched via DHL in a remarkably short period. I received it in less than a week, making for a very positive online shopping experience. I highly recommend this vendor.


I don't know if this is a authorized seller, but the coffee grinder I received looks very authentic.


This was purchased for a friend - they are the party submitting these comments and pictures.

I am thoroughly impressed with how this device was packaged. Using a double-layered cardboard exterior carton was likely a key for there being no compromise whatsoever to the shipment, particularly with so many transfers between Germany and here. Not a single ding!

The inner carton containing the instrument was in equally impeccable condition, and the device itself had not so much as a fingerprint on it! Packaging detail went so far as to wrap the brass hanging ring! A number of pictures were taken, but I see no means by which to include any with these comments. I have not seen a device of this quality in many years.

I am equally impressed with the accuracy of the barometer. Specifications cite, "+/- 3mb", but this device, when compared to known-accurate regional barometric pressure data, is tracking exactly with it. That's what one would expect with a quality device manufactured by Fischer; they have been making these devices for over 75 years.

All together, I am very pleased with the quality of the barometer, the attention to detail in manufacturing processes, and how the order went. Should I be in a position to recommend such an instrument, I will suggest a Fischer device, if not the same model I selected.


Improvement of my coffee life

Comandante® Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade® did improve my coffee life with better taste of coffee.

Fast delivery and awesome product

I was a bit nervous to order all the way from 🇩🇪. OMG!! This is super fast ( delivery to USA) MK4 is superb!! This changes my coffee life!!! Highly recommend

Great things to Japan

This is the best handgrinder in the world.
I waited to get it in Japan from Germany.
It was delivered more quickly than I thought.

Of course, the product is best, and the shop operation is so nice!

Coffee Grinder SANTIAGO
Peppe Bjorn Arce

Good place to purchase , delivery on time and product quality is the best , also this unit is my number 4 , I like to have in all my places the same stuff in different countries , thank you for such a good product

Egg slicer

This is the best egg slicer. Its wires cut eggs, beets and all manner of thing into precise cuts. I give as gifts as price is great for high quality product that lasts forever! 5 stars

Comandante® Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade®

Comandante® Coffee Grinder C40 MK4 Nitro Blade®

Lovely nutcracker

I haven’t used this yet but it’s beautiful and feels very sturdy, I think it will work well.

Delite Storm Glass with Wall Mount, Stig Larsen, 145 mm / 5.92"

Very well made, a real conversation piece. Would recommend, a great addition to any weather station.

very good

Product is excellent.
However, the disadvantage is that powder tends to stick to the blade and the bottle.