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HORL®2 Rolling Knife Sharpener

por HORL
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Made in Germany

HORL®2 Roll Sharpener - The Original

The HORL®2 Roll Sharpener offers you enhanced options for knife sharpening with two different sharpening angles. The knife is secured onto the magnetic base station, and you draw it across using the roll sharpener.

Top Feature:

  • Diamond grinding disc suitable for all types of knife steels
  • 46 µm grain size ensures efficient and precise sharpening
  • Ceramic honing disc refines the result
  • Minimal strokes required for touch-ups
  • 20° sharpening angle swiftly and effectively restores sharpness
  • 15° sharpening angle ideal for fine blades made of Damascus and high-quality carbon steel
  • Suitable for both large and small kitchen knives, pocket knives, and knives with serrated edges
  • Interchangeable grinding discs

Available Solid Wood Versions:
Oak or Walnut


Package Includes:

  • HORL®2 Roll Sharpener
  • With diamond grinding disc and ceramic honing disc
  • Magnetic sharpening guide for 15° and 20° angles
  • The Original from the Black Forest, Made in Germany
  • Sealed in the HORL original packaging
  • Comprehensive operating instructions in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German
  • Illustrated Quick Start operating instructions


Roll Sharpener:
485 g / 1.07 lb - 85 mm x 60 mm / 3.35“x 2.36“

Magnetic Sharpening Guide:
107 g / 0.24 lb - 114 x 57 x 26 mm / 4.49“ x 2.24“ x 1.02“

Manufacturer and owner of all trademark rights for the brand HORL:
Horl 1993 GmbH, Breisacher Straße 86, 79110 Freiburg, Germany


The HORL®2 Roll Sharpener: Perfect Sharpness for Everyone

The HORL®2 Roll Sharpener is the ideal solution for those who encounter difficulties with conventional sharpening tools or possess less manual dexterity. Even without extensive experience, the HORL®2 effortlessly sharpens all kinds of knives. In contrast to the complex process of sharpening with a honing steel, which demands a certain skill, the HORL®2 offers a user-friendly alternative. The consistency of the sharpening angle is crucial, as uneven sharpening can damage the knife. However, with the included magnetic sharpening guide, the HORL®2 ensures a consistent angle of either 15° or 20°, virtually eliminating errors. Once the knife has been sharpened to the correct angle, each subsequent sharpening takes only 1-2 minutes, saving time and effort for both amateurs and professional chefs. Although some initial practice is required (it's important to carefully read the instructions), sharpening with the HORL®2 is typically quick and safe to master. Compared to other sharpening tools, the risk of injury with the HORL®2 is significantly reduced.


Tips for a Perfect Result

Knives that have been sharpened freehand often have a variable angle, making it difficult to determine. To avoid this, it's recommended to use the HORL®2 Roll Sharpener and the magnetic sharpening guide to establish a consistent angle. This ensures that each sharpening session reproduces the same angle, leading to consistent results.

The time required to sharpen a knife varies depending on the condition of the blade and the quality of the steel. Initially, using the HORL®2 Roll Sharpener may take longer as the knife usually doesn't have the desired 15° or 20° sharpening angle. On average, it takes about five minutes to grind the knife to the desired angle. A consistent angle makes subsequent sharpening easier, requiring fewer movements.

When sharpening particularly tall blades that extend beyond the height of the roll sharpener, a special approach is required. Place the roll sharpener on a sufficiently high cutting board so that the edge falls within the radius of the diamond grinding disc. This ensures that the entire edge is uniformly sharpened, achieving an optimal result.

You can also sharpen a serrated edge (e.g., on a bread knife) with the HORL®2. In this case, you don't need the magnetic base. The reason is that the edge of a serrated knife typically doesn't have a 15° or 20° angle, and you can't adjust the angle of such a knife. This is unlike other types of knives. To sharpen a serrated knife, hold the knife in your hand. Rotate only the knife sharpener so that only the edge of the sharpening stone touches the edge. Now, rotate the knife so that you sharpen the knife edge and roll the roll sharpener along the knife. Keep the sharpener at an angle while doing this.

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